50 Essential Sites for Free Nursing Care Plans

When you are caring for patients, it can help to have a plan. For illnesses that require a great deal of care, it is a good idea to plan out treatments and regimens that can help the patient. Nursing care plans provide a structured way to provide needed treatment and help your patients. However, it can be difficult sometimes to know how to go about creating a nursing plan. As a result, it can help to look online for resources about how to create and then follow a nursing plan. Here are 50 sites that can help you develop nursing care plans:

Nursing Care Plan Construction

3856177781_f74bef6484Get help putting together a nursing plan with these sites. Some sites provide helpful hits and tips, while others offer step-by-step instructions and forms for actually building a nursing care plan unique to your situation.

  1. Wikipedia has an excellent overview of nursing care plans, and the characteristics and elements that should be involved in the plan you create.
  2. VirtualNurse looks at how to properly formulate a nursing care plan.
  3. eHow offers a helpful guide on making perioperative nursing care plans.
  4. EHS provides a nursing plan constructor that allows you to put together a unique plan with step by step guidance.
  5. Docstoc offers a visual guide through putting together a nursing care plan.
  6. The State of Texas has an interesting process that you can follow to create a patient treatment plan.
  7. Entrepreneur looks at creating a treatment plan that integrates pharmacotherapy with overcoming alcohol dependence.
  8. Depression-Guide.com offers tips on creating a depression treatment plan.
  9. ADHD Central provides insight into creating a treatment plan for ADHD.
  10. Ezine Articles offers a look at creating nursing care plans, and how they work.
  11. Transitional Care Planning: A helpful look at how to do an assessment and create a nursing care plan.
  12. CareScribble is a nursing plan creation tool. It does cost money, but you can enjoy a 15 day free trial, which is time enough to make some free nursing care plans.

Sample Nursing Plans and Resources

If you are looking for sample nursing plans and other resources, such as forms, these web sites can help you find what you are looking for.

  1. Careplans.com is just what it sounds like: A place for nurses to learn about creating nursing care plans and see sample plans.
  2. Careplans123.com offers a nursing care plan library where you can see a variety of plans. Some are free, while others must be purchased.
  3. Comprehensive Nursing Care Plans provides sample care plans, clinical worksheets and other helpful documents.
  4. CNS provides a sample care plan that you can use as a guide for creating your own plans.
  5. Nursing Crib offers a look at plans, and provides samples of several different nursing care plans.
  6. Clarion Univeristy provides a sample nursing treatment plan for a patient with an eating disorder.
  7. Explore Autism has a sample nursing care plan for autism treatment.
  8. Wellsphere offers a number of sample forms and treatment plans.
  9. Innercept provides a helpful sample treatment plan for long term care situations.
  10. CNS offers a specific care plan for MS.
  11. Treatment Plans That Worked offers a look at specific plans. Some of the aggression plans are free, but to get access to more, you have to pay.
  12. Medi-Smart offers some nursing plan resources and samples.
  13. Triangle Acupuncture looks at sample treatment plans for fertility. While this may not be “traditional”, it offers some interesting ideas for nursing care in this situation.

Nursing and Medical Case Studies

Sometimes you can get an idea of how to build a nursing care plan by reading case studies. Here are places where you can find nursing care case studies and information.

  1. Marshall provides an interactive case study for nurses.
  2. The Nurse Friendly provides access to a number of clinical nursing case studies.
  3. Community Health Nursing has a number of case studies related to a number of different conditions.
  4. Cultural Diversity focuses on transcultural nursing case studies.
  5. Epocrates offers a nursing case study demo.
  6. Nova Southeastern University has a paper on using case studies in nursing to improve your practice.
  7. Washington University in St. Louis looks at different case studies and helpful information.
  8. University of Utah offers a number of case studies in pathology.
  9. University of Michigan offers clinical case studies related to gross anatomy.
  10. University of Pittsburgh has a number of online case studies from the department of pathology.
  11. Loyola University provides several pulmonary case studies.
  12. The Centers for Disease Control has case studies in environmental medicine.
  13. Medical Simulations is just what you would expect: Online simulations of different situations in health care and nursing.

Nursing Forums and Resources

Sometimes it can help to connect to other nurses and find help in other resources. Nursing forums can point you to more case studies, and provide you with tips and helpful insights into building successful nursing care plans.

  1. Nursing Chat from NurseTV is a place to share information about being a nurse.
  2. allnurses.com is a forum for different nurses, providing helpful information and even tips on creating a nursing care plan.
  3. Nurse.com not only provides a number of helpful resources, but also provides a place where nurses can chat and share images.
  4. Nursing Voices provides a safe place for nurses from around the world to chat and get help and support.
  5. NurseConnect is a community for nurses, and includes a forum as well as information and resources on care plans and other aspects of nursing.
  6. Nurse Anesthesia offers a place for anesthetists to congregate online.
  7. Nurse Portal has conversations on a number of different topics, and groups and categories of interest.
  8. Health Care POV has an interesting list of topics on nursing, including some hints on developing nursing care plans.
  9. Ultimate Nurse offers a number of discussions related to different nursing topics (including nursing plan development), jobs and issues.
  10. OBGYN.net has a nursing forum focused on helping OBGYN nurses. Get pointed toward case studies and treatment plan samples.
  11. Hartford Institute offers a nursing forum aimed at geriatric nurses and the issues they face everyday.
  12. MinorityNurse provides a place for nurses who are minorities to gather and discuss issues.

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