26 BlackBerry Apps to Learn About Any Medicine, Symptom or Disease

Any nurse knows that it is important to have access to good information. Being able to have a good reference is important if you want to take the best care of your patients. Thanks to technology, it is possible to have all the information you need at your fingertips. Indeed, smart phones are quickly become miniature medical reference libraries.

If you have a BlackBerry, it is possible for your to carry all the medical reference that you need in the palm of your hand. There are a number BlackBerry apps designed to be of help to health care professionals. Here are 26 of the best BlackBerry apps to learn about any symptom and disease:

General Medical Reference

These BlackBerry apps provide helpful medical reference. You can find information on diseases, symptoms and treatments with help from these omnibus applications.

  1. ECG Guide: A great medical reference BlackBerry app meant to help medical professionals learn about ECGs. Offers helpful information on what to look for, as well as images of ECGs for your reference. Helpful in identifying diseases. Price: $7.99
  2. Skyscape Medical Resources: If you are looking for a basic reference, this is a great BlackBerry app. It includes information on diseases and symptoms, and even has a drug reference as well. Cost: Free
  3. Skyscape Outlines in Clinical Medicine: This is a great application aimed at internal medicine. If you are interested in the specific diseases and symptoms associated with internal medicine, this is a great guide. Cost: Free
  4. SympID Lite: If you are looking for different symptoms, this can be a helpful resource. Lets you search symptoms, and match them up with diseases. A great way to stay on top of things. Cost: Free
  5. Skin Cancer Image Viewer: Learn more about different types of skin cancers. Find out more about these diseases with the help of this BlackBerry app that provides images of different types if skin cancer. Make sure you know what you are looking at.
  6. Nursing Central: This is a great reference for nurses. It includes information on diseases and symptoms, as well as treatments. Also includes information on test and procedures and can be a great reference for those who want to learn more about just about any disease. Cost: $149.99
  7. Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests: Learn more about diagnostic tests, and the diseases they reveal. This BlackBerry app contains information about interpreting tests, and learning more about diseases and symptoms. Cost: $39.99
  8. Taber’s Medical Dictionary: Great information on all sorts of diseases, symptoms and even drugs. Includes enlightening illustrations, as well as as information on medical terms and health definitions. Cost: $49.99
  9. Human Atlas: Awesome 3D images that can provide insight into different parts of the body, and how they should look. Can be a great help in learning about disease, and comparing healthy organs to unhealthy organs. Cost: $19.99
  10. Harrison’s Manual for Mobile and Web: One of the premier medical manuals available, this BlackBerry app puts medical reference at your fingertips. Perfect for clinical work, and as a reference that can help you learn about different diseases, symptoms and treatments. Cost: $59.99
  11. 5 Minute Clinical Consult: A fast way to learn about different diseases and symptoms. This BlackBerry app is designed to help you understand common diseases quickly, and provides information on treatment and medicines that can be used. Cost: $79.99
  12. Johns Hopkins POC-IT ABX Guide: Get insights from the respected and renowned staff at Johns Hopkins. Information on diseases, treatments, symptoms and more. Cost: $29.99
  13. ACO PIER Database – Cardiology: Learn more about cardiology, and diseases of the heart. A helpful reference. Cost: $59.99
  14. Anesthesia Central: Detailed information on different diseases, as well as how to treat patients with them before, during and after surgery. A fascinating and helpful reference. Cost: $149.99
  15. CheckMate: Perfect for the critical care health professional. Learn more about critical care symptoms, injuries, illnesses and diseases — and how to treat them. Cost: $69.99

Drug References

If you need to know more about medicines, these drug references can be quite helpful. These BlackBerry apps include information about pharmacology, and what diseases different drugs can treat. A great resource for any nurse.

  1. Epocrates Rx: This great drug reference includes everything you need to know about different medicines. Has information on drug interactions, formulary information, updates and more. Also includes over the counter drugs as well as prescription medications. Price: $99.99 for a year subscription
  2. Monthly Prescribing Reference: Great information on over the counter drugs. Aimed at medical professionals, this app includes information on drug interactions, as well as helpful hints on when to use different medications. Cost: Free
  3. Davis’s Drug Guide Mobile and Web: One of the most respected drug guides offers you information on different drugs and medicines. This reference includes trade names and generic names of prescription medications, as well as information on over the counter drugs and on herbal medicines. A great guide for any medical professional. Cost: $49.99
  4. RxDrugs Dosing Companion: Helpful drug reference that includes dosing information. If you want to learn about medicines, and their proper dosages, this is a great tool to be used. Cost: Free
  5. mobilePDR for Prescribers: Learn more about different drugs. This reference has more than 2,400 prescription medicines and features label information, images and more. Perfect for those who want to learn more about different medicines. Cost: Free
  6. Medication Infusion: Find out more about medication infusions. Learn how much of different drugs should be used in certain circumstances. A great way to learn more about medicines. Cost: $3.99
  7. ADHD Psychopharmacology: This app is about diagnosing ADHD and treating it with medication. An interesting application that can help you learn more about ADHD, as well as how it is treated. Cost: $19.99
  8. Tarascon Pharmacopoeia: Helpful drug reference. This trusted resource includes information on thousands of medications, and how they can be used. Cost: $39.99
  9. A to Z Drugs: If you are interested in learning more about medicines, this can be a great guide. Includes information on side effects, dosing, indications and more. Perfect for those who want to improve their knowledge of medications. Cost: $49.99
  10. Ah! Guide to Off Label Prescription Drugs: Find out more about prescription drugs that are off label with this helpful guide. Plenty of good information. Cost: $2.99
  11. Cardiology Drug Guide: Learn more about heart medications. A specialized drug guide that is quite helpful. Cost: $29.99