A Simple Thank You Note After Job Interview

Recently I was on a panel to interview new grad nurses for our Versant Residency Program. A few days later, I received this thank you note in my email:

Thank You for the Interview Note

Hi Beth,

It’s Jacob. I had my interview with you guys on Tuesday. I came in shortly after the lunch break. I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to meet with me. Everybody was so friendly and gracious. It was a pleasure meeting with you and I hope to possibly work with you in the future. Again, thank you for the interview.

Happy Recruiting!

Jacob Johnson

As you can imagine, it was a nice surprise to click open an unexpected, positive email!  It was a short read (nice) but looking at it more closely, I began to appreciate the composition. I was intrigued. What made a simple thank you note after an interview so effective?

Simple Thank You Note

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Write a Simple Thank You Note after a Job Interview

First of all, it was short. Less than 100 words. Wordiness would have been a turn-off. I skim everything I read for meaning and to decide if it’s worth my time. This caught my attention.

Next, he wrote it with me (the reader) in mind. “It’s Jacob. I had my interview with you guys on Tuesday.” Smart. He knows I won’t recognize his email address, or even his name. But give me one more clue, such as who came in after lunch-yes! Visual image suddenly pops in my head.

Then he complimented us. In a genuine manner. I like to think I’m “friendly and gracious.” Nice choice of words, Jacob.

He gave a call to action. “I hope to possibly work with you in the future.” No hard sell, but Jacob is reminding us that he wants the job.

Finally, he signed off with “Happy Recruiting!” which is creative and a touch of fun. He didn’t use “Thank You” again, as that would have been an overuse of  “thank you”.

He hit the mark. It was genuine, the overall tone was light and sincere.

Make Yourself Stand Out

What Jacob really did was to stand out from every other candidate we interviewed that week. In this competitive market, you need to make a singular impression. How did he do it? By using simple manners, and a thank you note after his job interview.

The ways in which Jacob stood out:

  • Manners. Good manners, such as sending a thank you note, never go out of style but are so rarely used that they make you stand out!
  • Initiative. I did not give Jacob my card, or even my last name, but he managed to find every interviewer’s name and email address. Well done.
  • Cleverness. He’s obviously smart to think of the idea, and to compose the thank you note.
  • Articulate. Many people are just not that articulate.

What I Really Thought

Honestly? Here are my thoughts:

Wow, who does that? Very cool. He’s a thoughtful guy. He can write well, too, a sign of intelligence. Someone had to teach him that- I bet he comes from a good family, he knows how to conduct himself. That’s the kind of mature, smart employee we want.


In summary, this is about the impact of a small gesture, the use of a thank you note after a job interview. If you think about it, there really is no downside, but just look at how it impressed this nurse interviewer!

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Good luck in all your interviewing endeavors!

Until next time friend,



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